Welcome to our Waves node!

Our main idea is 100% payouts to all participants.

You can lease to:
or alias:

It’s safe and max profitable!


About Us

We are the prize winners of official Waves chalange “Game of Nodes”!

We have several servers so our node will have 100% uptime (even during updates)!

We made many payouts and it’s 100% reliable!

You are always can chek our address with Waves blockchain explorer.

About LPoS

Waves LPoS system guarantees safeness. Your WAVES do not leave wallet when you are leasing and your funds always remain on your full control.

You can lease using the official Waves wallet or Trust wallet.

You can cancel and resume leasing at any time - you will still receive payout for the time that your balance was in leasing on the node. But don’t forget that leasing operation takes 1000 blocks (~17 hours).

We payout 100% of mining income every Monday.

... WAVES mined since last payout.

All balances below 0.005 WAVES are accumulated and sent when this value is reached.

All payouts always described on forum, twitter and telegram.

100% payout
every Monday